AutoStop Mini Plus Brake Meter


The AutoStop® MiniPlus Brake Meter is a compact, battery-powered, in-vehicle brake performance tester that uses state of the art, multi-channel sensors to measure tri-axial deceleration of any type of vehicle or motorcycle.

The AutoStop® MiniPlus is approved by the DVSA in the UK for all classes of MOT Testing and is ‘connected’ Equipment Approved, and is also MTS Connected.

The test results can be downloaded to a PC via the connection kit and transmitted to the DVSA MTS System (in order to communicate with the DVSA MTS System, software needs to be installed on a Windows 10 PC and the PC must have access to the internet in order to receive and transmit data to the DVSA).


  • Measures forward deceleration, speed, stopping distance and lateral lane deviation
  • Variety of display options including MFDD, g or % imperial or metric
  • 24 month calibration interval
  • One of the most versatile brake testers on the market
  •  Data logging and download to PC through USB interface – USB cable included
  • Compatible with remote AutoTest MPT-II BlueTooth Thermal Printer
  • Optional Bluetooth interface direct to remote printer
  • Upgrade to AutoStop® MiniPlus-GPS Equipped with a built in GPS/Glonass receiver that will provide the latitude and longitude of the position where the test was carried out

AutoStop MiniPlus Brake Meter is calibrated and distributed in the UK by Tecalemit Products, Plymouth.


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Product Downloads

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AutoStop MiniPlus Brochure
AutoStop MiniPlus Datalogger Software
AutoStop MiniPlus User Manual
MiniPlus Firmware Updater (English)
MiniPlus Firmware Updater (French)